simdaisies: Sims 2 Townies Reboot I re-made some of the Sims 2 townies in Sims 4. I know this has probably been done before, but this is my version of them.   Meadow Thayer (Teen) – Big Happy Family / cheerful / romantic Komei Tellerman (YA)- Fabulously Wealthy / neat / mean / active  Goopy Gilscarbo (YA) – Nerd Brain / outgoing / slob/ goofball You can find them on the Gallery; “Townies” under my EAid “belledaisies”  It should be basegame friendly. No custom content. [ Direct Link ] Read More →

Meadow decided to move on from Windenburg and started busking in San Myshuno.   Since she’s still a teenager, no one would rent to her, however she’s couch-surfing where she can. She’ll never forget the boy she had met in Windenburg.    (and obviously at this point in the legacy, I had installed City Living)Read More →

Meadow didn’t have a family, and spent much of her own childhood drifting from town to town.  She didn’t really believe that things were as bad as Rowan thought.  She did make sure that he had something to eat, and that he wasn’t completely alone.  She would know first hand that the streets were not a place for children.  Read More →

Despite being grounded, Rowan slipped out of the house to head to Windenburg’s commercial district.  That night, he’d meet Meadow Thayer.  (Note: Meadow Thayer is a my Sims 4 recreation of a townie from Sims 2.  She’s in my Gallery – search #sims2townies under my EAid “Belledaisies”)Read More →

I want to hear your thought on Meadow Thayer. I just love how you’ve kind of taken her “normal” persona in fandom and turned her into something more that eye candy.  — holleyberry Thank you, I’m glad you like her.  :) I’m not exactly sure what her normal persona in fandom is.  The first time I’ve ever seen a story treatment of Meadow, she was essentially the teenage blonde “bimbo” that got “around”, and I think people were basing that purely on her looks.  She is a family sim (at least she was in my game, I’m not sure if townies get specific personalities or ifRead More →