There’s a lot of facts about me here.   I was tagged by @phoenixfg a bit ago and I’m only now getting got around to doing it while I’m sitting on this flight to Halifax and inwardly panicking about being on a plane. I don’t know how this meme works, or if you even had to have 57 facts. That feels like an arbitrary number.  But since we’re doing arbitrary numbers, I’m tagging the last 7 simblrs in my activity log (sorry if you’ve already been tagged) @taylors-simblr @applezingsims @simageddon, @zx-ta @simgaroop @artemisa02 @vicarious-sims  and of course anyone else who wants to do this.   (warning: 57 facts aboutRead More →

@thewynd tagged me for this a few days ago Nickname: none, ‘Mela’ is my online personality Star Sign: Scorpio Height: 5’ 5″ Time Right Now: 16:24 Last Thing Googled: Brighton, Ontario Favorite Artist: I have lots, but I’m so inspired by Lois Van Baarle, Audrey Kawasaki and Megan Lara Song Stuck In Your Head:  lately, a lot of Leonard Cohen. Namely “I’m Your Man” or “Take This Waltz” Last Movie I Watched: Warcraft (i’m not a movie person) Last TV Show Watched: Murdoch Mysteries (on Netflix) What Are You Wearing Right Now:  ripped jeans, black jersey shirt, burgundy sweater, vans When Did You Create This Blog:Read More →

@thewynd tagged me for this so I’m going to try it. :D  And I don’t know a lot of people yet in the simblr world, but I’ll tag  @zx-ta, @w-sims, @simlishdistractions (@lauraraeamos)  , @taylors-simblr, @lollipopsimblr  Rules: Pick 4 colours for your muse, and use gif function to post them! All my favourite sims are in Gen 3 of this legacy (because I played them in Sims 2! :D) so my ‘muse’ will be one of those: Jasmine  orange Blue beige yellowRead More →

Okay I’ll answer, but you’re getting “off the top of my head” answers. None of these are particularly in depth, lol!  1. I’m in a new relationship.  2. The last movie I watched was Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It was terrible. 3. I made pancakes for breakfast. I ate it with wildberry jam and maple syrup. They were delicious.  4. I own two bikes.  5. I have a tattoo designed and inked by the same guy who designed Nightcrawler’s body art in X2.  6. That tattoo got ruined by meningitis. :p  7. I like oatmeal 8. My favourite movie is probably still Spirited Away. ItRead More →