I wished that Del Sol Valley would include some new City Living style apartments. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case, so I built one for Mirage Park. The apartment building includes a fully decorated 2 bedroom suite on the second floor. But just because your Sims live in a small space, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy big lot living.Read More →

This Sim house was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and his “Usonian” houses. These houses were designed by FLW at the turn of the century for the American middle-classed family. They were built as practical homes, that kept the casual nature of many contemporary families in mind. Local, natural materials were used in their production, and basements and stairs were eschewed to keep costs down.Read More →

The Lakeview Health Club Lot Type: GymStyle: 2 levels and basementPrice: §175,787Lot Dimensions: 40×30EP/SP Required: Base gameCustom Content: none Based on designs of American midcentury motels, this modern gym features high end equipment, a lounge, private suites with balconies, and a swimming pool.  Find it on the Gallery – direct linkSearch by Origin ID “belledaisies” More details at sims.blackdaisies.com - TS4 Lot: Lakeview Health Club Read More →