Sims 2 Townies Reboot I re-made some of the Sims 2 townies in Sims 4. I know this has probably been done before, but this is my version of them.   Meadow Thayer (Teen) – Big Happy Family / cheerful / romantic Komei Tellerman (YA)- Fabulously Wealthy / neat / mean / active  Goopy Gilscarbo (YA) – Nerd Brain / outgoing / slob/ goofball You can find them on the Gallery; “Townies” under my EAid “belledaisies”  It should be basegame friendly. No custom content. [ Direct Link ] Read More →

Le Beau Marché Lot type: RestaurantPrice: §126 421Lot Size: 30×20Packs used: Dine Out, Get to Work, Get Together Custom Content: None  Find it on the Sims Gallery under my EAid “belledaisies”.  (tagged “lebeaumarche)[ Direct Link ]  Inspired by industrial era warehouses that have been repurposed.  Le Beau Marché features a varied menu, and a chic setting to bring your date, your friends or your family.  Dress code is “Come As You Are”.    Built for “the Proprietor’s Square” lot in Windenburg.  The gallery thumbnail is an unflattering angle of the side of the building.  Fully tested with couples and families.  Please feel free to leave feedback if you use thisRead More →

The Inheritance Lot type: ResidentialBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 3Lot: 40×30 Price: §85 817 Custom Content: nonePacks used: GTW, GT    So a long lost relative died and left you this old, classic mansion in their will. Sure the plumbing needs work, the cellar is creepy and the decor is non-existent, but it has everything your family needs. Where else are you going to get a five bedroom mansion with room to spare for §86k?!  Find it on the Gallery under my EAid : belledaisies  [ Direct Link ] Read More →

The first generation of the Baird Family are in the gallery now.  Find them under my EA ID “belledaisies”.  [ direct link ]  No CC, and maybe some GTW content.  Tag “simdaisieslegacy” if you use them, I’d enjoy seeing them in your game! :D  ** read Generation 1 from the beginning **Read More →

The Lakeview Health Club Lot Type: GymStyle: 2 levels and basementPrice: §175,787Lot Dimensions: 40×30EP/SP Required: Base gameCustom Content: none Based on designs of American midcentury motels, this modern gym features high end equipment, a lounge, private suites with balconies, and a swimming pool.  Find it on the Gallery – direct linkSearch by Origin ID “belledaisies” More details at - TS4 Lot: Lakeview Health Club Read More →