I actually haven’t properly played Sims since last week, and after this week, I’m really, really, REALLY in the mood for some good, old fashioned escapism.    I’m finally caught up with most of my screen shots and Gen 3 is swinging in and ready to go (finally). I also have some lots I’ve been working on that I’d love to post and share.  I’ve been away from home, with only my old laptop. I’ve had to reformat it, and though it still has issues, I’ve gotten it to a point where it’s usable, and I was able to play Sims on low settings withRead More →

I’ve taken almost a year hiatus from the Sims, now that I’m playing again, I really do feel like I’m starting from the beginning of the game. I still haven’t installed Generations. I’m planning my next few EP purchases (probably Pets, Seasons and Supernatural) in order of how much fun they seem to me. (Is Showtime worth it?) I’m still “tweaking” Auberon and adding residents. I’m fast running out of Sim ideas though. I’m kind of just blathering, because I’m locked out of my office this morning and killing time before someone shows up and lets me in.Read More →

I haven’t been keeping up with tumblr (or much of anything lately) because my life has been so incredibly crazy these past two weeks. I mean absolutely nuts. Basically me and my family have moved and everything just went wrong in a spectacular way. I’m happy to say that we’ve reached a conclusion to this mess and we’ll all be okay. I’ll probably still need time to recover, and I’m still in a huge transition so it’ll be a bit longer before I can return to the sims community fulltime! ;). I really miss working on my story and my world. Anyway, that’s my bitRead More →

Due to issues which is way too complicated to explain right now, I am temporarily without my laptop (which I game on), and limited internet access. I’ll try to keep up on my iPad and phone, but contributing anything lately will be limited, maybe for about a week. I’m good, I’m hanging out at a nice bistro having delicious brunch with the s/o, but basically I’m in a bit of limbo. Not for long though, crosses fingers.Read More →

simstrois replied to your post: Internet connection is gone for a couple of days…. I will pray to the internet gods. I hope you survive through this chaos x simminglystrange replied to your post: Internet connection is gone for a couple of days…. Oh my goodness. I hope you can survive these trying times. iothe replied to your post: Internet connection is gone for a couple of days…. Ouch, I understand those feelings. *hug* Hope it comes back soon! keoni-chan replied to your post: Internet connection is gone for a couple of days…. Ouch! I hope it comes back soon. *hugs* At least mobile internet is better than nothing, right? :) If you sufferRead More →

Internet connection is gone for a couple of days. I’m staying connected through mobile access, but I’m going through my grief process already. I’ll be mostly on my twitter right now (because tumblr mobile is crap) Please, hug your interweb today and let it know how much you love and appreciate it. And please, think of me through this difficult time.Read More →