simdaisies: I’ve been meaning to archive the residents of Auberon, so here they are, starting with the Sims of the Trinity Valley neighbourhood.   29 Thessaly St – Hiroshi Saton, Maggie Stemple and Eddie Rosenberg9 Monarch St – Sean and Joshua Gibson141 Holy Park Ave – Alexa Daring51 Thessaly St – Nicholas Gale82 Holly Park Ave – Tessa and Valerie Gallant (Shown without CC, except for the skintones.  I’m really loving Blueberry Pie skins, so they’re my new defaults. ^_^) Throwback to the Sims I made in Sims 3 for my world. I actually miss these Sims. <3Read More →

simdaisies: “Bella and Mortimer – After Dark”  Those who got Simblreen treats from me got a preview of this drawing. I’m a bit impatient to share it, so here it is now.  I’m glad you all liked this artwork! If you trick-or-treat this weekend (Saturday, Oct 27th and Sunday Oct  28th) for Simblreen you’ll get a preview of another piece in the â€œAfter Dark” theme. :D   ( If you’re visiting from my Twitter and not sure what Simblreen is, check out this guide. ) Thank you all! Read More →

cutecoffeegal: Check out all the Build/Buy, Sim, and Lot treats I found at Simblreen 2018 in Part 2 of my Simblreen CC Finds! Thanks so much to @simblreenofficial for all your hard work on Simblreen! And a super special thanks to the CC creators featured in this video – y’all have such amazing talent and generosity: @anastacialove @arelenriel @citrouse @cowconuts @gerbits @jealousy-moon @keysims @linzlu @mdianasanders @minymsims @paper-lioness @pleyita @simdaisies @sisselin @standardheld @teanmoon (Source: More →

simdaisies: Newcrest Town Centre Last week I held a poll over the weekend to see what you’d like for your follower gift. I took your input and rebuilt the lagoon district of Newcrest! 16 people responded (thank you!), and most of you wanted me to build a residential home. Between the non-basegame venues, restaurant won, with art center, and café tying for second. You guys preferred medium lots, and Newcrest was the winner of the worlds that you’d like me to build in.   So I thought about it, and decided to build this area of Newcrest as a modern town centre, in addition to the residentialRead More →