Unlike my Sims builds that were totally created with the Sims, the artwork used in those wall decor recolours is 100% mine.   I can do whatever I like with my artwork, even pulling a banksy and shredding it all up if I wanted to.   Simsdom makes money by making you view ads or selling you premium accounts to get to content that is otherwise offered for free.  If you haven’t signed up, they make you wait to download hoping you’ll get frustrated enough to sign up.  No one’s asked me if I wanted to be included in their shady links structure, and no one’s offeredRead More →

@awesomestweirdoever  replied to your photoset “My Simblreen art teasers. (who should be in part 3?) ” Maybe Penny Pizzazz? She’s such a fashion icon it feels right to suggest her lol I think it’s a great suggestion! I love Penny Pizzazz.  I love pretty much all the San Myshuno-ites.  :D Read More →

@phoenixfg replied to your photoset “My Simblreen art teasers. (who should be in part 3?) ” The Landgraabs? I can see them in this style! Maybe! Which Landgraab though? I feel like their names are more iconic than the Sims :D. Read More →

@polym78 replied to your photoset “My Simblreen art teasers. (who should be in part 3?) ” I’m so amazed by your incredible talent!! I’d love to see the Heckings! (did I spell their name correctly?) You spelled their names correctly. :D  I think the Heckings deserve the glam treatment, so they’re in the running for consideration. I’ve already drawn them though, so I might look at iconic Sims I haven’t drawn yet. But who knows I may include a third or not, and I’m not sure who they’d be.  Thank you very much! :DRead More →

@skyburned​ replied to your link : “For a Community of Gamers, The Sims is a Gateway to Architecture” Doesn’t surprise me at all. Everything you’ve ever done is both creative and practical, working loveliness. Architecture should be both. Congrats and keep going! You are always too kind! :D Thank you. <3 Read More →

First of all, thank you, I’m so happy you like my lots. :)  I haven’t quite done an overhaul of all my worlds yet, but I am considering this. I have my main legacy gameplay world, and my build world, but they’re all unorganized.   It may be a project for another time though. Thank you again. :)  Read More →