simdaisies: Rowan: “Get over here ya little scamp! Where are those cookies… I know you’re holding out on me!”  Sage: *insane giggling* Willow: “Please be careful with him!” Rowan: “Little dude is pretty tough. Don’t worry about it, Willow.”  Sage: “Wheeeeeeeeeeee!” I’m so not over toddlers yet. ^_^Read More →

While she drank, they talked more.  He wasn’t entirely wrong.  She still didn’t know who he was, or what his name was.  He was not her type, but in a way, it made the decision easier.  She tossed back the rest of her drink. Jasmine: “Alright. Let’s go.” Rowan: “Yep.”Read More →

Rowan: “So?  What are you in the mood for?” Jasmine: “Honestly? I don’t know. I don’t even know why I’m here.” Rowan: “Well that’s bullshit. This place is sleazy as all get out… I mean, I should know, it’s kinda my turf.  Girls like you aren’t it’s target market, and when they do come by, there’s always a reason.” Jasmine: “’Girls like me?’” Rowan: “I’m not in the mood for games either, Princess. You know what I’m sayin’.”Read More →

He didn’t even look familiar to her, even though they met before, a very long time ago. All she saw was a creep who was probably about to hit on her, so her defenses went up.  Jasmine: “Go away.” Rowan: “Well, that’s not nice. I was just saying hello.” Jasmine: “Look, I’m not in the mood for this crap tonight.”  Read More →

The night club was mostly empty. That was fine. Jasmine went to get a drink… and a few more… and then headed to the dance  floor.  “And how are we this evening?”Read More →