Reed: Mom said we weren’t allowed to go here alone.Sage: We’re not alone. You’re with me. Aunt Willow’s cool with it. Reed: I’m not sure about that …  Sage: I just wanna take a look and then we’ll go home. Don’t worry, kid, if you stick close we’ll be fine.  Read More →

Sage: Holy crap, this place is ginormous. Reed: Does anyone live here?Sage: Your mom said no one’s lived here for a long time.  I think they’re fixing it up to be some kind of hotel, but they had to stop… I dunno.Reed: It looks unsafe. And kinda haunted.Sage: Why, are you scared, kid? Reed: Stop it, am not. Read More →

Rowan: “I wanted you to meet my boy. Sage, say hello to Aunt Willow.” Sage: “Wiw-wohhh!!!” Willow: “This… this is so unexpected!” :D  Meadow: “Yeah, that’s what Rowan said too.”   Read More →

 *knock knock knock knock *  Meadow: “Hi… we weren’t expecting you to come by…”  Rowan: “Yeah, me and Willow were in the neighbourhood.” Meadow: “Your sister, Willow?! It’s nice to finally meet you!” Willow: “It’s nice meeting you too … um…???” Rowan: “This is Meadow. And where’s the little dude?” Willow: “Little…? Rowan?!”    “Dad-deee!”Read More →