The first generation of the Baird Family are in the gallery now.  Find them under my EA ID “belledaisies”.  [ direct link ]  No CC, and maybe some GTW content.  Tag “simdaisieslegacy” if you use them, I’d enjoy seeing them in your game! :D  ** read Generation 1 from the beginning **Read More →

Suddenly, growing up he’s realizing there are beautiful sims all around him. And it’s not hard to ignore when they flash pretty smiles at you.  Elf couldn’t ignore it either. She could pretend that she didn’t see it though. ~~ End of Generation One ~~ [ The SDL chapter list ] >> Head to Generation 2Read More →

Jodie: “Alright thing under the bed, I’ll make you a deal. You let me sleep tonight and tomorrow I’ll throw a piece of Craig’s birthday cake under there for ya.” Monster Under the Bed: “PH’NGULUI MGLW’NAFH CTHULHU R’LYEH WGAH’NAGL FHTAGN <3″ *  Jodie: “Well, if he’s dead and dreaming why do I have to hear about it?” Read More →