After having four kids, reaching her adult stage, and still working nights in a highly stressful job as a criminal ringleader, Talula’s not feeling so young anymore.   A new spa just popped up (because this sim god took advantage of the origin50 sale and bought Spa Day!)  at the Magnolia Promenade. Since Garrett just got a bonus and a raise, Talula has no problem spending some of it.  Read More →

With Jodie mostly self-sufficient now, Jessie and Clive contributing, Talula no longer popping out sprogs, life around the Baird household becomes a little more regular. With a lucky chance card, Garret finally gets his promotion. But not without losing his hair.  Read More →

Family picture time! Side note: At this point, Garret is an adult with 4 days left until he ages up and is still is 0/4 of his aspiration milestones. :p I blame that on me relearning the game.  So far, I’ve used no money cheats, and have been working on bringing in regular income from Garret’s job in business and Talula as a crime ringleader.  Of course along the way I’ve been injecting my old story from Sims 2 because I miss my old game a lot.   Generation 2 is coming soon.Read More →

Elf was jogging by when Clive came home from work.  Elf: “You look like a dork in that corporate fast food get up.” Clive: “So what, it’s payday…. uh, wanna help me spend my paycheck?”  Elf: “Smooth, buddy.” Read More →