Clive: “So what if that’s true. I took my sister’s advice, I had a shitty time, and then I met you. If I told you that you’re probably the best thing about this night, would you think it was a pick up line?”  Denise:  “Probably.”  Clive: “Well… would it work…?” Read More →

Later. Denise: “So ‘Clive’… if that is your real name. You’re telling me you came all the way to Windenburg to hang out in some dance club you don’t even like being in because your little sister told you to go out and have fun. Hold up, I gotta post this to simchat, that’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.”  Read More →

Denise: “Another ‘Sweet n’ Spicy’ for me and keep ‘em coming! And while you’re at it, get this boy scout on my left something a little stronger than this virgin fizzy he’s drinking.” Clive: “I’m not a… I mean… this isn’t a virgin drink…”  Denise: “It’s a beverage, I didn’t insult your masculinity.  Are you going to let me buy you a drink or not?” Read More →

Later, Clive heads over to the bar. He realized suddenly that the girl from the dance floor is there, and before he could arm himself with something witty or charming to say, she turned to look at him as he walked by. He was disarmed. Read More →

Clive decides to take his sister’s advice. It was a friday night, so he set out to try to enjoy himself.  First thing he learned about himself that night was that he was not into the night club scene.   (Loner sims tend to quickly get unhappy here). Read More →