The many emotions of the expectant father.   Okay, to be fair, anyone would freak out if you’ve just watched the doctor literally tear your girlfriend’s heart out in front of your eyes.  Read More →

Denise is invited over to her family’s house in her last trimester.  Her father and sister both want to see how she is. And Denise also wants to welcome the newest member of the Markelly family.   Lydia’s son, Gabriel Markelly had been born just a few days before.  Read More →

Clive had enough aspiration points to pick up the Entrepreneurial trait. This allows him to get promoted faster at his job as a businessman. He made a promise to his family to build up their home to make way for the new family member.   Before long, the family were able to pull together the §38k they needed to build this modest, 2 storey, 4 bedroom home.  (It’s called Talula’s House and it’s in the Gallery under my EA id â€œbelledaisies”) Start from the beginningRead More →