Cecilia:   “Jasmine, everyone is so sad.  Why did Grandpa have to go?  Jasmine:  “I don’t know… Mom says this happens so he turns into something greater.  Like Super Grandpa or something.  Except we can’t see him.”  Read More →

“He wouldn’t have wanted us to be sad.  He would want us to drink and be cheerful in his name.  Because of him, and our mother, he leaves behind a beautiful legacy.  He’s in all of us. “Goodbye, Dad. We’ll miss your stupid jokes.”  Read More →

Peregrin:  “You’re being strong. I don’t know what to tell you, except that I’m sorry.  Your father was always nice to us.”  Jodie:  “Thank you, Peregrin.” Read More →

Peregrin joins Jodie after her shift at the bar.  She’s sad and appreciates the company. Jodie: “I feel like maybe… maybe Dad is still up there, telling me that I shouldn’t be hanging out with boys.”   Peregrin:  “Your father was a wise man.”   Jodie:  “I miss him so much.”Read More →