The family deals with the aftermath of Garret’s passing. His life had not always been perfect, but it was full of love and happiness and he left behind a big family that loved him. There were lots of tears and crying under the bed sheets. The family felt the need to constantly be close with one another. And it was particularly hard for Talula to have to learn to sleep alone after being married to Garret for so long. Read More →

Cecilia:  “Will you bring my Grandpa back or not?”  Grim:  “You know not what you ask.  I mean really, you’re a child, you can’t possibly understand.  But there are still adults in your life, you’d best ask them. If I tell you, that will just depress you.”  Grim:  “Anyhoo, I must away! Very nice to meet your acquaintance, Miss Baird… oh bother, where did Garret’s spirit go, I’m sure I had put it in my pocket…” Read More →

Grim tried to walk away, but Cecilia follows him into the hallway anyway. Cecilia:  “Hey Mister, that’s my Grandfather!  You can’t just walk in here and take someone’s Grandpa away!”  Grim: “Oh. My. Was… was that yours? I hadn’t realized… I mean, of course, I manage the lives and destiny of every Sim across 4 universes, I hadn’t realized that Garret Baird could possibly have belonged to a little girl.”  Cecilia: “Are you being sarcastic?” Grim: “You’ve only sprung from the basinette 3 days ago, how do you even know what that means?”Read More →

Garret and Talula had taken an afternoon nap when he passed away.  However, the girls had just gotten home from school and rushed to their Grandparents’ bedroom when they heard Talula crying.Read More →