Jasmine now lives in the office apartment that Clive had built for himself. It offers her a little more privacy, but Adrian wasn't about to escape without meeting the parents.  This generally doesn't have to be an awkward affair… Unless the conversation gets awkward. >_>Read More →

Adrian: â€œHere's a picture of them.” Jasmine: â€œYou would be the type that carries around photos of your family.”  Adrian: â€œI don't deny it. Family's important to me.”  It's a legacy, of course he'd be a family sim.    >_> Read More →

The Duartes used to live in Oasis Spring.  Adrian's dad, Luis, was a police officer there.  When Adrian's mother, Angeline, got a new job as a pastry chef, they moved to San Myshuno.  (I actually did play the Duartes somewhat alongside with the rest of the legacy. I created them about the same time I got the Get To Work EP so I could play in the police and retail career .  Luis Duarte was my first cop in Sims 4, and I always intended to have Angeline open up a bakery but that never happened. Luis was also a cop in his Sims 2Read More →