Wren and Raven invite Julian to stay the night, since he was already in Oasis Springs. This way, they can keep a good eye on him.  Wren:  Mom, you don’t seem surprised that Julian’s a purple alien.   Jodie: Well, Wren. If you want to know the truth, I knew he was an alien all along.  I was the one that diagnosed your Uncle Clive’s pregnancy.  Raven: “Uncle Clive’s pregnancy?” Jodie: We don’t judge here, Raven.   Wren & Raven: … Read More →

The Marlen twins bring Julian home to discuss his issue some more.  At this point they’re more interested in learning more about him as an alien than able to help him with his problem.  Wren: “The government’s stored all this data on aliens and keeps it secret. I bet they’d have more medical information that you could use.” Raven: “If only we can get to it. Maybe there are channels out there on the deep web to access alien medical data.” Wren: “I can try to hack into government files…”   Julian: “We’re not hacking into anything…man, this was a mistake.”Read More →

Julian: “Aliens are not infiltrating Sim Nation… as far as I know… but that’s not what ’m here about!”  He went on to explain the little problem of him losing his human disguise. Wren: “So you think we can help?”  Julian: “I’m not sure. It’s not like I have a direct line to the mother ship that could sort all this out for me.” Read More →