Raven: “Holy crap, you’re purple What did you do to Julian?!” Julian: “Okay okay, get over it already. I am Julian. And I’m an alien.” Wren: “I knew it.”  Raven: “So you were an alien all this time?!” Julian: “Yeah, I guess.” Wren: “Is this why you wanted to meet? To finally tell us the truth about alien infiltration?”  Julian: “…”Read More →

Raven: “It’s been over an hour. What are we waiting for?”  Wren: “You gotta learn to chill, Wren. It sounds like this is a big deal.”  Raven: “Hold up, someone’s coming…”   Julian: “It’s me, Julian…  ugh, long time no see.” Read More →

Wren: “Hold up, Julian is texting me..  He says he’s in town… needs  help?” Raven: “Weird. What are we gonna do?” Wren: “We do what we need to do, Raven. We’ll meet him at Burgerland. ”Read More →

Meanwhile in Oasis Spring. Wren and Raven Marlen are teens now. And local teenage supernatural hunters, they’re a little bored. They’ve yet to encounter a ghost, an alient or a vampire.  Read More →

Lydia Markelly had moved herself into a Retirement home in Oasis Springs.  Of course she gets regular visits from her son, and happy to hear all the news about his life with Willow.Read More →