Willow and Gabriel We finally have autumn in this legacy! Willow is in the medical field and Gabriel was recently promoted to project manager in the tech career.  They’ve moved from the old country side cottage to the Island district in Windenburg to raise their family.  It’s a brisk Sunday morning, but they find a way to stay warm. Read More →

Luis Duarte and Angeline Duarte née Dallaire renewed their vows in a lovely ceremony at the Palais de Soleil lounge in Brindleton Bay, their children Adrian and Angelica at their sides.  Read More →

The Duarte family Adrian brings Jasmine along to his mother’s birthday at Madame Peaches.  This restaurant was where Luis first proposed to Angeline. As part of her birthday present, Luis proposes renewing their vows.  (Fun fact: Angeline and Luis Duarte are part of my build testers household, and  occasionally they may be seen in my build screenshots and videos.  I have a special place in my heart for this family.)  Read More →

Lucas Fyres-Baird is another offshoot of the Baird family tree that I’ve been playing casually.  (I played about one sim week of their lives today).  Lucas is the son of Craig Baird and Morgan Fyres-Baird and grandchild of Garret and Talula Baird.  Lucas is currently an Open Mic Seeker in the Entertainment track.  He met Kengo Maeda, a policeman who works with his cousin, Jasmine, and now they’ve moved in together. I had been building craftsman houses in Newcrest and thought this one would be perfect for them and their daughter, Maya.  Read More →