dunne-ias: CAMP NANOWRIMO WILL BEGIN ON SUNDAY For those who don’t know, Camp Nanowrimo is a month, much like Nanowrimo in November, dedicated to writing. The big difference is there are hardly any rules at all regarding what your project needs to be, or how long it should be. It is one month where you can research your next novel, edit an old one, write 30 pages, illustrate your book, or just write for a certain number of hours. You decide, you set the goal. Me and @voleste are setting up a cabin (a group on the site) for people who play sims and whoRead More →

“ Shall I see you tonight, sister, bathed in magic greet?Shall we meet on the hilltop where the two roads meet? “ A dialogue… “Hello, sister.”  (Continue reading below the fold) Celeste: “Is it you, Sibyll…? It’s been too long.”  Sibyll:  “Very much so. You look well for one who’s dead.”  Celeste : “And you are as beautiful as I remember.”  Sibyll: “Yes. For someone also quite dead.”   Celeste:  “Why have we been brought here?”  Sibyll: “The whim of the powers that be, I suppose. I’ve no idea.”   Celeste : “Then I will place my trust in the Watcher.” Sibyll: “You always did. Despite everything that’s happened to us.Read More →