I don’t know what it is, but I’m really into Get Famous. I think it’s for the potential for sims to live the glam “Hollywood” lifestyle, which I feel like was missing from Sims 3 Late Night.  (I don’t think the fame system worked well in Sims 3, it actually was kind of annoying.) Pets, Seasons, was expected to round out the game, but I think this EP feels a bit different from what I’ve seen and I’m looking forward to it. You can tell if you’ve trick-or-treated from me this past weekend, I’ll be probably going retro Hollywood/film noir in my builds and game forRead More →

October plans! Sooo October looks jammed packed with stuff to do, Sims and otherwise. I will be posting gameplay and reblogs for a little bit while I work on Simblreen goodies. I’m also working on that follower gift too. It won’t just be builds, as you know I will do those anyway, but I’m also planning recolours and art too. It’s my first Simblreen and I want it to be good. :) Also check out my simspiration side-blog to if you’d like to see what’s floating my boat at any given time: @lululoungeRead More →

I’ve queued up a bunch of Wren and Raven gameplay posts and threw in some story mode too so this simblr will be active for a few days at least.  I didn’t get a chance to play a lot (still busy with work, trying to sort out time management thing too), but I am having fun with them. Read More →

I have Jungle Adventures now. :O   I stayed up all night playing these two (they’re adults in my game now, I still love them)  The draw for the Sims Merfolk drawings will be done tonight. Maybe about 20:00h EST.  There’s still time to throw your hat in (visit the post for the “rules”)!  I’m off to watch comic book heroes fight to save the universe or some such Have a good Sunday all! Read More →

I’m trying to pace out all my personal projects.  I haven’t even purchased Jungle Adventure yet.  The legacy is definitely on a hiatus while the Sims 2 story is continuing, and I’ll be back to building once I have a few more things crossed off my list.  I reblog your pretty stuff over at @lululounge.  :)  Read More →