Violet went out for dinner with her new neighbour, Miko. She wanted to try out the new vegan bistro in Del Sol Valley (which will be up for download soon, thank you Violet and Miko for testing it for me!) Miko spent most of it complaining about her roommate, Akira, and how he barely notices her. Violet was trying to sympathize, but couldn't get over the view. Read More →

I've been rebuilding Starlight Boulevard in Del Sol Valley.  Violet was the perfect Sim to try out all the Get Famous stuff. There's so much to do!  Naturally, Violet is now a vlogger. She’s set up the spare room in her condo with all her video equipment so she could simtube about games, fashion tips and occasional celebrity gossip.Read More →

Having some fun lot testing. Cassandra Goth meeting all the â€œold school” celebs.  Holly Alto (who isn't thinking much of Cass right now… I mean give her a break, poor girl is sick and I'm making her test my lot). And Dustin Broke who wanted to talk while she was watching a movie. And then he brought his whole entourage into the theatre with him.  Read More →

Violet: But wasn't part of your success strategy adopting me to make it seem that you guys are family-friendly people and not literal cartoon villains? Lily:  In the book you'll find a deed to a condo in the fashion district. Sign it and be sure to have all your things moved out by the end of the week.  Read More →