I thought the amount of lots would be okay for my game, but it’s not. I’m walking back on my earlier opinion about it being fine… Del Sol Valley needs more lots. There’s only 5 lots on Starlight Boulevard, and if you want to play this EP as intended, you need two lounges, each with the â€œHottest Spot” and “Up and Coming” trait. Then there’s only 3 other lots and you’ll need to decide if you want a restaurant, gym, night club, karaoke bar, art center, museum, a café, a different kind of restaurant, a spa, or a pool and it’s really hard to decide EA! Read More →

Having some fun lot testing. Cassandra Goth meeting all the â€œold school” celebs.  Holly Alto (who isn’t thinking much of Cass right now… I mean give her a break, poor girl is sick and I’m making her test my lot). And Dustin Broke who wanted to talk while she was watching a movie. And then he brought his whole entourage into the theatre with him.  Read More →

I think I found a building bug.  I can’t apply any exterior trims to rounded platforms.  I have no CC/mods, and I’ve tried this on different buildings.   Has any builders encountered this?   This is Studio PBP, which is the premade lounge in Del Sol Valley. Read More →

SimGuruNick on Twitter If you’ve got the update now and encounter any bugs, send them over to SimGuruNick on Twitter so they can fix it before I get home tonight and play. Yup. 😏Read More →

Random thoughts while watching the replay of today’s Sims twitch stream which was all about the Del Sol lots and build/buy mode,  a subject dear to my heart. Links go to the corresponding moments in the stream. Dirk Dreamer has a star on Starlight Boulevard! :O…. Dustin Broke is a premade in Del Sol?!   You better believe I’m building an art deco cafe/movie theatre in Del Sol.  Judith Ward = Norma Desmond (from Sunset Boulevard)?  The build/buy stuff! The decor vents too!  marble walls, and that stair case… yes I’m going to build Norma’s  mansion yes California Craftsman is a thing. I’m so in love withRead More →