I took advantage of Origin Game Time to play the Sims 4 for free (for 48 hours). I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t planning on purchasing the Sims 4 anytime soon, but I really wasn’t going to resist trying it out for a few hours this weekend.Read More →

simtroverted: withlovefromsimtown: narcissims: LMFAO and youre all excited for this, too. PFFFFAHAHAH I just feel like I should comment on this & address the “complaint” The super-realistic games in this image have gameplay mechanisms & storylines that rely on IMMERSION, being the first-person view in a fictional world.  You have to reasonably imagine that the characters are real people to get the feelings that the game designers want you to have as you experience the storyline.  You're supposed to be emotionally attached to these characters (love, hate, etc) & the easiest way to accomplish that response is to portray them as realistically as possible. TheRead More →