jembsimblr: @simdaisies / @blackdaisies This wonderful person created a small potrait of Rouge! This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it! I hope you all were able to go out and vote ☺ Any opportunity to draw pink hair! :D Read More →

berrysweetboutique: Lacey has been graced by the lovely hands of @simdaisies / @blackdaisies Ahh I love this so much ♥ Thank you again! You’re amazing and oh so talented!! Let them know you voted and you could get a portrait too!! ^^^ I’ve got a list going for democracy portraits. If you’re American and you’ve voted, you’re eligible! :D   (open until the end of the day)Read More →

arica ♡ on Twitter My art featured in this video! :D   @theplumdot has good ideas about how to improve the infant stage in the Sims 4. Me, I let my butler just take care of them. Or random people who wander into the lot. I would love the babies to be more interactive though, maybe even more challenging.    >> Take a look! Read More →

“The Caliente Sisters – After Dark II” From Pleasantview to Del Sol.  Inspired by Nina and Dina from all of the Sims franchise, and the formal attire from the Sims 4 Luxury Party pack.  Bella and Mortimer are here.  * Update: Now available as prints and other products at RedbubbleRead More →