A Wren and Raven feature  (Just a little fun with some of my legacy ‘spares’. Wren and Raven Marlen are self-styled “paranormal investigators” based out of Oasis Springs. Maybe they’ll find their close encounter sooner than they think…) (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)Read More →

Willow Creek’s Commercial District This is how I built this neighbourhood in Willow Creek.  It includes the Purification Facility Spa, Cardock’s Café, Takemizu Sushi (restaurant), and the Bellestone.   Takemizu Sushi and the Purification Facility are available in the Gallery. Look for them under my EA ID “Belledaisies”. Watch the video for the fancy tour.   One day I will have fancy download post for these lots.  That day is not today, however.Read More →