The Tri-Var girls photo shoot. (getting ready for a party)  *note for those unfamiliar with Simtopi, these are characters from the story, not the original Maxis Tri-Var sorority. From left to right, Samantha, Tashia and Christa.  Cecilia was conspicuously absent for the dressup and shoot.Read More →

Denise Markelly, husband Clive Baird and their two children, Jasmine and Cecilia  (inspired by celebrity paparazzi pics. I’m probably going waaaay overboard for my magazine prop for my story but oh well. Full pic here.) Read More →

Elf and Colin  (a few pics from the Marlen family vacation to Takemizu from a while ago.  Elf and Colin are Willow’s parents. They’re still so into eachother! :D )Read More →