@zx-ta replied to your photoset: “After a few more drinks Cecilia managed to get lost looking for the…” Well well well… it does ring a bell :-D Indeed, we’ve been in this place before. Sort of. Read More →

Jodie and Peregrin, then and now. In Sims 2, the Marlen kids, Elf, Peregrin and Kestrel, were all born in game.  In Sims 4 they were all created by spinning the genetic die with Linlin and Desmond in CAS.  In both games (like Talula and Garret), they were created by me.  I also like that in both games, they spawned some interesting kids who have a lot of strong physical characteristics.    I wasn’t sure if I was going to bring them together again in this legacy, as I’m already having too much fun with the Bairds and Elf’s family, but it was too funRead More →

“ Shall I see you tonight, sister, bathed in magic greet?Shall we meet on the hilltop where the two roads meet? “ A dialogue… “Hello, sister.”  (Continue reading below the fold) Celeste: â€œIs it you, Sibyll…? It’s been too long.”  Sibyll:  â€œVery much so. You look well for one who’s dead.”  Celeste : â€œAnd you are as beautiful as I remember.”  Sibyll: â€œYes. For someone also quite dead.”   Celeste:  â€œWhy have we been brought here?”  Sibyll: â€œThe whim of the powers that be, I suppose. I’ve no idea.”   Celeste : â€œThen I will place my trust in the Watcher.” Sibyll: â€œYou always did. Despite everything that’s happened to us.Read More →

The original Craig Baird from my Sims 2 game (and Jodie).  He was a bit of a weird one. He has what we in the Sims 2 world called â€œFirst Born Syndrome”. It was a bug/quirk/thing with the game where if you didn’t play your game in a certain sequence, all sims born would look like the first born. That’s what happened with Craig; he’s pretty much a clone of Clive. In any case, I tried to make Craig’s personality different in Sims 2, by giving him different clothes and his own story in University. He ended up with a Uni townie and they moved offRead More →

Elf and Clive in my old story/legacy/challenge/whatever from Sims 2.  In that story, they were teenage sweethearts, and went off to college together where both of them somewhat cheat on eachother with other sims (Clive physically, and Elf emotionally), and break up.  Their original story in Sims 2 with crappy pics are here: [ link ] Read More →