Sibyll and Wesley in another life. (This old chapter delved a little bit into Sibyll’s back story and her history with Wesley) In this universe, they still share a deep connection, though some things are inherently different.  For example, witches have not yet been revealed in this world, so never influenced their lives.  Chaos, is still something they have to live with. Read More →

Jodie is a precocious little girl, and has no problem being overly social with the neighbours.  And this is how she meets Peregrin Marlen, Elf’s younger brother. Read More →

The Baird … legacy? This is Garret Baird and Talula Belsky.   I’m not going to spend too much time bringing my Sims 2 neighbourhood back, but I can sort of start again.  I “resurrected” the Baird founders from my TS2 game to TS4.  They have a second chance now.   I created Garret by gender swapping his granddaughter, Jasmine and tweaking his face a bit.  Garret’s is an outgoing bro-type who’s self assured and decided he’ll make it in business. Talula is a criminal seeking her soul mate.  edited because I totally forgot my founder’s name :pRead More →