This is a little spoiler-ish, but I made a family tree for my legacy.  I’ve been playing this legacy since late 2016, geez >.<.   To be fair, I’m not a consistent player and I like to play ALL these families at one point or the other.  I’m only getting started on Gen 4.   I’ve added this to the Legacy page.  Read More →

A Wren and Raven feature  (Just a little fun with some of my legacy ‘spares’. Wren and Raven Marlen are self-styled “paranormal investigators” based out of Oasis Springs. Maybe they’ll find their close encounter sooner than they think…) (Source: More →

Willow: “What I don’t understand is why didn’t you tell anyone where you were?”  Rowan: “Mom and Dad knew I was fine. They just didn’t know where I was specifically. But I was a bit of a screwed up kid…” Willow: “Are things better now?”  Rowan: “Tell Mom and Dad I said ‘hi’. And they’ll get to meet Sage soon.”  Willow: “That’s not answering the question, but okay.” Read More →

Rowan: “Get over here ya little scamp! Where are those cookies… I know you’re holding out on me!”  Sage: *insane giggling* Willow: “Please be careful with him!” Rowan: “Little dude is pretty tough. Don’t worry about it, Willow.”  Sage: “Wheeeeeeeeeeee!” I’m so not over toddlers yet. ^_^Read More →

Rowan: “I wanted you to meet my boy. Sage, say hello to Aunt Willow.” Sage: “Wiw-wohhh!!!” Willow: “This… this is so unexpected!” :D  Meadow: “Yeah, that’s what Rowan said too.”   Read More →