Sibyll: “Why does it have to be any more than just a word of warning. After all, our kind has a tendency to cause a bit of chaos where ever we appear.”  Wesley: “Your concern in touching.” Sibyll: “And I’m not above my own selfish reasons for seeing you again, love. Do you remember when we first met?”  “It was a long time ago. You were alone, in a new world, and pining over some lost love.  Do you remember her?” “You likely do not. You were mortal then, and I understand if it’s hard to remember. How sweet and naive you were.”Read More →

Wesley: “So that’s it? You’re telling me more of your offspring are here? What next, will you be inviting me to the family reunion?”  Sibyll: “My, you’ve developed a droll sense of humour.”  Wesley: “My point is, why are you telling me this?” Read More →