Sibyll: “I’ve lived a long, long time Wesley. It’s a wonder I’m alive at all… in another story, maybe I might have met my end.” “I might have told you this once, but I wasn’t always Sibyll Tremaine, love. I was  just a simple country woman that made a decent living as a bard before this curse befell me.  After a few hundred years, I met a wealthy widower, a Count, who became taken with me.  Because I was bored, I married him and became his Countess. He was  a gentleman, and treated me well. In turn, I did the same.”Read More →

Sibyll: “It’s my children, Wesley.”  Wesley: “Do you mean your vampire progeny…” Sibyll: “Yes. And my children in the legal sense. Step-children, if you may. They are here now.”Read More →

Wesley: “I should have known that you were here when I heard the news of sims being fed on… I thought you’d be more careful than that.” Sibyll: “As if you’ve been the perfect hunter. Oh, please.”  Sibyll: “It’s lovely that you think so highly of me, dear.  I’ve been asleep for months, and no where near here.  I’m not the vampire responsible for this recklessness. But I know who is.” Read More →