@trinitrotoluenka replied to your photoset “Jasmine:  “Okay stop looking at me like that. I’m sorry.  I take it…” I hope they will still end up together Possibly? Maybe? ^_^ @thewynd replied to your photoset  “Meanwhile, something about this movie is making Clive’s stomach feel…” Clive is looking hot! And he’s looking a lot like his Dad now with that beard. :)Read More →

@kalinagn replied to your photoset : “Jasmine’s efforts to hook Willow up with her cousin falls a little…” I am crossing my fingers for date#2 turning out better! Hopefully! We’ll see! :)   @thewynd replied to your photoset : “I heard Cecilia crying and went to check on what was going on….” so sweet. I love child Cecilia, I think she’s adorable. I’m excited to introduce everyone to teen Cecilia though. :DRead More →

@thewynd replied to your photoset : “Clive thought it would be a good idea to take the family on a…” I bet the girls could have caught some fish thanks to their grandpa teaching them how. :’( thewynd replied to your photoset : “Anyway, I just wanted you to know we’re all good.  Except for Clive….” This really tugs at my heartstrings. Garret could have taught them a lot given an infinite timeline.  The girls really did love him.  So much crying and sadness in the game right now… it’s kind of interesting to play it through.  Thank you for reading! :)Read More →

@thewynd​ replied to your photoset :  “Cecilia:  “Will you bring my Grandpa back or not?”  Grim:  “You know…” I think Grim just made a formidable enemy… … or an intriguing friend! :O  Read More →

@thewynd​ replied to your photoset  “Rowan pushes Jasmine down hard to keep her from hitting him.  (Random…” Ooh that look on Clive’s face… Yeah, Clive and Rowan generally don’t get along. ;)Read More →

@thewynd replied to your photoset “Garret:  “Trying to reason with your mother is like trying to…” Garret cracks me up. And then there’s Talula, who is so blunt. What a perfect pair they are. I think they are adorable together. Garret is usually doing his own thing and Talula’s trying to be the head of the family.  They may not be quite perfect, but at least they’re not dysfunctional. :D  Read More →