@thewynd replied to your photoset “I think Denise is worried, but she doesn’t act like it around Clive…” poor girl…I feel bad for her and want to give her a hug It always seems hard being the youngest.  Or the oldest.  Or the middle kid.   Or a teenager in general. XD Read More →

@thewynd tagged me for this so I’m going to try it. :D  And I don’t know a lot of people yet in the simblr world, but I’ll tag  @zx-ta, @w-sims, @simlishdistractions (@lauraraeamos)  , @taylors-simblr, @lollipopsimblr  Rules: Pick 4 colours for your muse, and use gif function to post them! All my favourite sims are in Gen 3 of this legacy (because I played them in Sims 2! :D) so my ‘muse’ will be one of those: Jasmine  orange Blue beige yellowRead More →