simdaisies: I’ve been meaning to archive the residents of Auberon, so here they are, starting with the Sims of the Trinity Valley neighbourhood.   29 Thessaly St – Hiroshi Saton, Maggie Stemple and Eddie Rosenberg9 Monarch St – Sean and Joshua Gibson141 Holy Park Ave – Alexa Daring51 Thessaly St – Nicholas Gale82 Holly Park Ave – Tessa and Valerie Gallant (Shown without CC, except for the skintones.  I’m really loving Blueberry Pie skins, so they’re my new defaults. ^_^) Throwback to the Sims I made in Sims 3 for my world. I actually miss these Sims. <3Read More →

simdaisies: Denise Markelly, husband Clive Baird and their two children, Jasmine and Cecilia  (inspired by celebrity paparazzi pics. I’m probably going waaaay overboard for my magazine prop for my story but oh well. Full pic here.)  Throwback Thursday  From Sims 2, the Baird family on an outing.  Read More →

simdaisies: The heavenly sim god above will be uploading a Generations update to the City of Auberon. Testify, Hallelujah!  Throwback Thursday I forgot I did this screen.  :D Read More →