simdaisies: Denise Markelly, husband Clive Baird and their two children, Jasmine and Cecilia  (inspired by celebrity paparazzi pics. I’m probably going waaaay overboard for my magazine prop for my story but oh well. Full pic here.)  Throwback Thursday  From Sims 2, the Baird family on an outing.  Read More →

The House of Fallen Trees A Sims 2 Horror Story I haven’t finished my Sims 3 story yet. I will, but probably not in time for Hallowe’en, so here’s an old tale of mine told with The Sims 2 premades (a house and sims!), inspired by survival horror video games, pitting an unsuspecting heiress against the eerie dead. (This was a Sims 2 challenge for the Maxis-taste community over at LJ a long time back, but I hope some simmers may still enjoy this.) Warning: Blood, death, and creepiness. Lots of CC and horror movie logic.   In every neighbourhood, there is always that one strangeRead More →

This will take some time.  I don’t have any visual reference, I’m going off memory, and I’m missing some hood decorations.  At least load times are bearable, even with a 10gb folder of CC.  I’m not sure why I’m doing this.  Read More →