Willow and Gabriel We finally have autumn in this legacy! Willow is in the medical field and Gabriel was recently promoted to project manager in the tech career.  They’ve moved from the old country side cottage to the Island district in Windenburg to raise their family.  It’s a brisk Sunday morning, but they find a way to stay warm. Read More →

Willow: “I have to confess… I thought you were kind of a jerk when we were kids.”  Gabriel: “What… you thought that I… me…?” Willow: “I mean, I don’t think that anymore! I was kind of clueless too.” Gabriel: “Yeah… well. I have to agree with you there.” Willow: “That I was clueless or that you were a jerk?” Gabriel: “A bit of both. But that doesn’t matter anymore, does it?”Read More →

Elsewhere… Willow: “I had a nice time tonight, Gabe.” Gabriel: “Me too. Thank you for keeping me company!” Willow: “Oh no.. thank you for everything. For finding my brother… it means a lot.”  Gabriel: “He would have shown up eventually.”Read More →

Clive: “It was nice meeting your ‘friend’ today.  I just wanted to talk about something. Your granddad said the same thing to me when I was about your age…” Jasmine: “Oh god, is it ‘the talk’? Because it’s a little late for that…” Clive: “No, no, not that.  Well, maybe that.” Clive: “There will come a time soon in the future when your mother and I will be retiring. And maybe by then you’ll be settling down too.  One day, you and your kids will be inheriting the place.  Jasmine, do you know what a legacy means…?”  Jasmine: “Yes, but you’re going to give me the inspirational, parent-child speech stuffed withRead More →