The Bay Forest House ( Version 2 ) Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Usonian house”  Usonian homes were built for middle class American families in the early 20th century. The idea for these homes were to be practical, integrate with nature, and use natural, local materials. For the makeover of this lot, I looked at a lot of photos online of Usonian houses such as the Jacobs’ House, and the Rosenbaum house among others.  I also researched the interior design of other famous FLW homes such as the Hollyhock house, Taliesin and Falling Waters. This build is probably one of my personal favourites.  I posted the firstRead More →

SPA OF THE DAMNED Lot Type: SpaStyle: GothicPrice:  §170 623Packs used: City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Vampires, Outside Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Movie Hangout Stuff, Perfect Patio Custom Content:  none Available in the Gallery  Search under EAid “belledaisies” “vampirespa” I was having fun with Forgotten Hollows and was just screwing around with this build. I wanted to experiment with creating an underground lot, which would be appropriate for vampires.   Also, this lot got faved by Maxis, which kind of made my day. ^_^  Read More →

East Harbour Center Lot Type: Bar * Style: Inspired by ChinatownPrice: §159 010Packs used: City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Outside Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Movie Hangout StuffCustom Content:  none Available in the Gallery  Search under EAid “belledaisies” #eastharbourcenter[ Gallery link ] [ Download (mediafire) ]  You can’t have a Spice Market without seeds, and the East Harbour Center *is* seedy. For bored sims wandering aimlessly around the city, this is a Chinatown inspired community haunt where sims can enjoy a nectar or several, learn to hit things in the boxing gym, sing an off- key tune with that special someone in one of theRead More →

(via TS4 Lot: Elmwood Manor) Elmwood Manor  Lot Type: ResidentialStyle: Victorian, two-storey (plus attic)Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4Price: §159 789Packs used: Get to Work, Dining Out, Get Together, Perfect Patio, Movie HangoutCustom Content: none Available in the Gallery [ direct link ]Search under EAid “belledaisies” Elmwood Manor ( Download tray files at Box ) (at Mediafire) See more screenshots at Read More →

The Inheritance Lot type: ResidentialBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 3Lot: 40×30 Price: §85 817 Custom Content: nonePacks used: GTW, GT    So a long lost relative died and left you this old, classic mansion in their will. Sure the plumbing needs work, the cellar is creepy and the decor is non-existent, but it has everything your family needs. Where else are you going to get a five bedroom mansion with room to spare for §86k?!  Find it on the Gallery under my EAid : belledaisies  [ Direct Link ] Read More →

The Thornapple Manor More pics and info at Find it on the Sims 4 Gallerysearch origin ID “Belledaisies”lot name: “The Thornapple Manor” Read More →