Sibyll and Wesley in another life. (This old chapter delved a little bit into Sibyll’s back story and her history with Wesley) In this universe, they still share a deep connection, though some things are inherently different.  For example, witches have not yet been revealed in this world, so never influenced their lives.  Chaos, is still something they have to live with. Read More →

Sibyll: “It’s my children, Wesley.”  Wesley: “Do you mean your vampire progeny…” Sibyll: “Yes. And my children in the legal sense. Step-children, if you may. They are here now.”Read More →

Wesley: “I should have known that you were here when I heard the news of sims being fed on… I thought you’d be more careful than that.” Sibyll: “As if you’ve been the perfect hunter. Oh, please.”  Sibyll: “It’s lovely that you think so highly of me, dear.  I’ve been asleep for months, and no where near here.  I’m not the vampire responsible for this recklessness. But I know who is.” Read More →

Cecilia: “Oh.. that’s great! Hey, let me buy you a coffee and I wouldn’t mind hearing your ideas!”  Wesley: “It’s really not necessary…” Wesley was gone as almost as soon as she stood up.  [ Legacy chapter list ] [ Go to Part 3 ]Read More →