Jasmine’s efforts to hook Willow up with her cousin falls a little flat.   (It really didn’t work. I had Jasmine try to hook up Willow and Gabriel.  Gabriel thought that she was a “catch”, when he stood up to ask Willow out after the movie, Willow rejected him.  I’m pretty sure that Willow was already having a bad day up to this point. She was grumpy when she showed up to the outing.)Read More →

Jasmine:  “I’m going to get popcorn. You two just hang out and… um… get to know one another…” Willow: “Uggggggggghhh…” Gabriel: “We’re being set up, aren’t we.”Read More →

Later, in Newcrest… Jasmine:  “I invited Gabe to come with us to the movie tonight… I hope that’s okay, Willow…” *WINK*  Willow:  “Jasmine, I really didn’t mean this had to happen right away…” Gabriel: “What. What has to happen right away? Why are you winking?” Read More →