Wren: I’m a skeptic of everything. I trust nothing and no one.Luna: You can’t even trust me? Wren: To tell the truth, you haven’t given me much to go on. You still haven’t told us the reason we were in Selvadorada or what you do for a living. Luna: And you really actually think I’m a government spy? Wren:  I have to assume you are from all the secret agent assignments in your email.Luna: Wait… you’ve been hacking into my emails?! Wren: Your password was “Q🍎9%UdIha8!@14yDa” it wasn’t that hard.  How are you a government spy and so bad at email security?  * Wren is a conspiracy theorist not aRead More →

Alegria Café, Oasis Springs Julian meets up with Wren, Raven and Luna  the next day.  Julian: It’s really nice to meet you, Luna. Wren’s been talking about you.Luna: I’m sure he has. Can I just reassure you now that I’m not a government spy.  Or an international criminal? Or a sasquatch in disguise.   Wren: I said nothing about a sasquatch. Read More →

Wren: I need your … expertise. Julian: I just got hired as an intern at the Space Center… you’re not going to ask me to plant a surveillance device in the employee kitchen again are you? Wren: No. Not yet.  This is a bit of a serious matter. Of a personal nature.  Julian: *suspicious* …Okay?Wren: I need you to meet my girlfriend.Julian: You’ve got a girlfriend!?! That’s great news, I’d love to meet her! Wren: Good. Because I need you to use your alien powers and read her mind. I believe that she’s a government plant sent to spy on me and Raven. Julian: …Read More →

San Myshuno – Spooky Day Julian heads over to Violet’s condo to meet up with her before heading out for Spooky Day parties. He’s decided tonight’s the night he’ll finally tell her that he’s an alien… Several days before:  simchat:  Violet: So the Fengs kicked me out. Julian: Oh no! Are you okay? Violet: Got a new place tho. Best b-day ever! WRU? Julian: Just waiting for my cousin.Violet: We doing Spooky day right?  Julian: He’s here. Chat later! Wren: Good you’re here. Were you followed?  Read More →

Wren, Raven, and Luna will return to Oasis Spring and continue their adventures. Will Wren ever find out that Luna is an alien?  What will their kids look like?!? (it’s a legacy, that’s not a spoiler :P)  And will it snow in Oasis Spring?!!!! All this and more…  um… later.  Thank you for reading! :)  >> Read the Adventures of Wren and Raven (and Luna) from the beginning. (Read all my legacy posts here.  Still currently on Generation 3.)Read More →