Take a day retreat to the new Paragon Resort, a pool and spa resort located in Windenburg’s famous tourist district by the sea. Enjoy concierge spa services, clean, modern facilities, a luxury lounge and bar and a two-level outdoor infinity pool overlooking the bay. Lot Type: PoolSize: 40×30Value: §200 703Custom Content: nonePacks used: Get Famous, Seasons, City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Dine Out, Spa Day, Fitness, Perfect Patio, Holiday (free)Ideal Placement: Windenburg’s Modern District Layout Find this build in the Sims Gallery under EA ID “belledaisies”. [ GALLERY LINK ] DOWNLOAD (SFS)(mediafire)Read More →

arica ♡ on Twitter My art featured in this video! :D   @theplumdot has good ideas about how to improve the infant stage in the Sims 4. Me, I let my butler just take care of them. Or random people who wander into the lot. I would love the babies to be more interactive though, maybe even more challenging.    >> Take a look! Read More →

This Sim house was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and his “Usonian” houses. These houses were designed by FLW at the turn of the century for the American middle-classed family. They were built as practical homes, that kept the casual nature of many contemporary families in mind. Local, natural materials were used in their production, and basements and stairs were eschewed to keep costs down.Read More →

You can’t have a Spice Market without seeds, and the East Harbour Center *is* seedy. For bored sims wandering aimlessly around the city, this is a Chinatown inspired community haunt where sims can enjoy a nectar or several, learn to hit things in the boxing gym, sing an off- key tune with that special someone in one of the private karaoke lounges, or just hang out on the roof.Read More →