@zx-ta replied to your photoset: “After a few more drinks Cecilia managed to get lost looking for the…” Well well well… it does ring a bell :-D Indeed, we’ve been in this place before. Sort of. Read More →

@zx-ta replied to your photoset: “ *knock knock knock knock *  Meadow: “Hi… we weren’t expecting you…” aaaaaaarhhhh ♥♥♥ The toddler timing was perfect for this! :D Read More →

@zx-ta replied to your post : Speaking of Sim legacies, for you legacy gamers… My main problem is I am easily bored, so I spend a month playing, a month on a break, a month making CC and then I play again ;)  I completely understand that!  It’s pretty awesome you can make CC though, that’s a fun part of the game in itself.  I love seeing your screens though.Read More →

@simminglystrange said: It is safe to assume this! A lot of custom worlds require Riverview, too, which is I keep it around. I would think so too, since it is free. I just hate to assume and I want to make sure that I’m not screwing up anyone’s game. I think I’ll make sure to post disclaimers.  @voleste said: I think most people have Riverview. It’s a free world for anyone who bought any legit sims 3 game, and the ones who have pirated everything would probably pirate Riverview as well. :P LOL. I guess it’s not that hard to download a free world at least to give itRead More →

anebrd replied to your post: Auberon has been created with World Adventures,… I will try it out! Your scenery shots are always so pretty. You have a good eye. zx-ta replied to your post: Auberon has been created with World Adventures,… I don’t play with custom worlds, but this one, young lady, I want it since you did a livestream about it :) so YAYYYY I can’t wait! Thank you! I’m nervous now, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I feel like I’ll be tweaking it forever. :pRead More →