Short version: If you’ve noticed the “Debug Super Duper Hug” interaction on your sims in any lot you’ve downloaded from me, please let me know so I can replace the lot. Thank you!

Now the long version:


So while testing out a lot I’ve been meaning to upload for a while, I’ve noticed that the sims were awfully friendly, and not in the usual way. I went in to check and noticed that they had the most excellent Debug Super Duper Hug command on their pie wheel. Nice.

I’m going in and attempting to fix and test the lots now, however I don’t exactly know how far back this goes. This only happens on lots I’ve been prepping to upload, and I know why (now). I’ve been pretty much removing my download folder including all my social hacks like ACR to clean out any stray CC from my lots before I upload them. This creates the bug supposedly. I don’t think I’ve been doing this for every lot I’ve uploaded, but I do know now that this is a no-no.

Please, please, please do let me know if you’ve downloaded any of my lots and have noticed this bug happening while you’re in them. I can point you out to a fix for your game, but I’d like to know as well so I can replace the upload. Hopefully the fix I’m trying out will work. Thank you and I’m really sorry about this!


  1. Ah – thanks for this information. I just had a report that I had this in a lot I uploaded, and was wondering what the bug actually was and found this thread in my google searches. What is the fix you are trying for your lots, if you don’t mind me asking? Has it worked for you?

  2. Author

    Hi Adia! The information that helped me was this post here. Basically if you download this hack, load up the lot then save the lot, it gets rid of the bug.

    If you’re fixing the bug to share it it kind of gets a little trickier. I found that if it was a residential lot, I had to download that hack, load up the lot, move in a sim, (make sure the bug isn’t present), save the lot, move the sims out, refurnish it (or use the stay-shrub from simlogical), and then I’d be able to share it. I’ve had to test my lots on a seperate computer though.

    After the lot is clean, then you can remove the hack.

    I hope that helps you!

  3. Thanks for the information :) Quite vexing how it got into the packaged lots – hopefully I can clean them up easily enough :)

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