Lot size: 3×2
rent: under  §2000
apartments: 6
Amenities: indoor swimming pool, patio with grill, lounge area, restrooms
Custom content: none

Evening view

I built this modern building for my Sims that were graduating from college and needed an inexpensive place to live in town.   I had originally uploaded this to the Sims 2 site exchange but have since renovated with some improvements. I’ve added a lobby and a patio, an extra floor and a sixth suite.  I’ve also done a bit more decorating in each of the rooms rather than leave the furniture basic.

Each unit is a single bedroom apartment with a balconey. All units are generally similar in size and layout though the “b” units have slightly more square footage.  There are also solar panels on the rooftop for energy efficiency.

Daytime view (same building, different location)

Another night view

EP/SP needed: The Sims 2, Nightlife, University, Seasons, Freetime, Apartment Life, Mansions & Gardens, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Glamour Stuff, IKEA, H&M, Celebration, Family Fun Stuff

Continue reading to see more pics of the interior and to download:

The lounge area:

Unit 2a

Unit 2b

Unit 3a

Unit 3b

Unit 4a

Unit 4b

New floors throughout the lobby and hallways:

This is the floor plan screens I used when I uploaded this lot onto the exchange.  I took out the ground floor apartment and made it a lounge and patio,  added another storey to accomodate two more units  (same layouts) and changed the decor since this screenshot,  but this is pretty much how the rooms are laid out.

Floor Plan

[ Download zip ] 1.7mb

This was built with the following EPs installed: Nightlife, University, Open For Business, Freetime, Seasons, Apartment Life

SPs: all the SPs (except for Teen Stuff). Mansions & Gardens is required for the solar panels.

To add this lot to your game, download and unzip the package file to a download folder or your desktop. Double click on the package file and the installer will add the lot to your bin.

To rent apartments completely furnished, move your Sims in to the lot,  open the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) and type in boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true. Shift+click on the door of the apartment you want your Sims to rent and select “rent furnished”. The furniture and decor should now appear.  Close the cheat by typing boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled false.

Terms of Use: I don’t really care what you do with these lots as long as they aren’t ripped off and uploaded to any other sites without credit to me. This applies to significant screens of this lot as well for poses, stories, whatever. Just give credit, and i’ll be cool.  Also, please keep this lot free.. no uploading to Paysites.


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  1. Goodness. I SO wish I could use this, haha. It looks fantastic; so very lovely. Great job on it. The layout is nice and clean, and everything just seems so smooth and clean. Fabulous.

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