The Cassandra
zone type: apartment
size: 2×2
rent: §1737-§3480
apartments: 4
amenities: party room and balconey
custom content:  walls and floors by Pixelhate, walls by Vaya Sims, Cemetary Fence by tbudgett @ mts2


A spooky old Victorian mansion that has been made into four apartments. Some of the apartments have already undergone some renovation. Some apartments still retain passages to old secret chambers.



Rent is relatively inexpensive. There are elevators and a top floor party room with a stereo and billiard table to socialize with your neighbours. The large balconey gives you a lovely view.

Continue reading for a heap of screenshots and to download:

The common areas


Suite 01
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, vintage decor, cozy and elegant


Suite 02:
1 bedroom, 1 bath, also ‘vintage’ decor



Suite 03:
This 2 bedroom apartment has been newly renovated so it would suit a young couple, or roommates, or a small family


Suite 04:
Also a recently renovated apartment, this 2 bedroom has a more classical decor scheme.


Secret chambers:
Two of the suites have passages to secret chambers. Big enough to house your mad scientist gear, hide your grow-op or to bury your dead.



Floor plans:


download @mediafire

Built with the following EPs/SPs*:  Nightlife, Open For Business, University, Seasons, Freetime, Pets,  Apartment Life, Mansions and Gardens, Family Fun, Kitchens and Baths,  Celebration, Holiday Stuff,  IKEA, H&M, Glamor Life.

To add this lot to your game, download and unzip the package file to a download folder or your desktop. Double click on the package file and the installer will add the lot to your bin.

To rent apartments completely furnished, move your Sims in to the lot,  open the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) and type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true. Shift+click on the door of the apartment you want your Sims to rent and select “rent furnished”. The furniture and decor should now appear.  Close the cheat by typing boolProp testingCheatsEnabled false


  1. This is fantastic!! Thank you for sharing!!

    (cindyanne1 on LJ)

  2. I love this building!!!

  3. Would it seriously annoy you if I recreated this lot using the screenshots so I could put it in my game? I don’t have all the stuff required, so since I good at figuring out the dimensions of screenshots and such, I was hoping to build it in my game. All credit to you of course.

    1. Author

      I wouldn’t be annoyed at all. And if you’re building it from the ground up credit’s not necssary. Have fun!

  4. I’m nearly done! I edited it a little bit because I wasn’t sure at first how you did the underground floor, and realised I’d made it wrong half way through furnishing. Oh, well. My little sister’s cat chose a very appropriate time to slap me with her widdle paw. (She has a nasty habit of doing that – and putting her paw on my mouth – while watching me use the computer. How does she always know when I’m writing about her? I swear, she can read better than her owner. ) And now she is attacking my mouse pad, excuse me while I wrestle her away from it…

    There we go, now, as I was typing/Saying, It’s nearly done, and I am making a little mini-drama in it where my legacy founder, still a kid, and another family- adult bro and sis with a daugter each, both favoring the bro’s kid, and the Pleasants are all living there together. Ooh, what fun. (I am seriously evil to my poor simmies. Poor things. MUA-HA-HA-HA!)

  5. Oh, and I nearly forgot, the Pleasant girls now have a half sister by their dad and the old maid! No wonder the mom made them move…

    Again, I am evil to those poor pixels.

  6. i love this but dont have Uni, FT or pets, what neighborhhod was it built in, thanx

  7. Author

    @Trudi, it was built in my custom neighbourhood, but I did use all the EPs and SPs listed here to create this particular lot. I don’t think it will install properly if you’re missing any of those eps

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