The Plaza
Zone: Community
Lot Size: 5×4
Price: n/a
Custom content: none


Looks thrilling doesn’t it. :p

Visit my Livejournal for more pics of this lot in action. :D

This community lot has been in my game for a while, but now modified for Pixel_trade‘s Build A Neighbourhood challenge. It was originally built as a  University community lot, but I figured it’d make a neat addition to this neighbourhood.

The plaza, while nothing to brag about on the outside, is all about fun for your sims. It includes a bowling alley, a diner, a roller rink, a bar and an arcade. A great place to bring a cheap date!

(download link at the bottom of post)

Decorative cars are not included. You can download them from Petreak@MTS . They make a nice addition to the lot.

The diner.

The Roller Rink.

The Karaoke Lounge

The Bar

The Bowling Alley

Vending machines are not included in this download. They come with Apartment Life.

The Arcade

The Floor Plan

[download id=”22″ format=”1″]

As per usual, let me know if there are any issues with this lot. Feel free to leave any kind of feedback. Thank you and enjoy!

Built with the following EPs/SPs: Nightlife, University, Open For Business, Seasons, Glamour Life, Family Fun

To add this lot to your game, download and unzip the package file to a download folder or your desktop. Double click on the package file and the installer will add the lot to your bin.


  1. Holy! I think I’ll be dumping this straight into at least two if not three of my hoods RIGHT this very second! O_O

    Love all the areas and the realistic mood of each room – even unpopulated.

    1. Author

      Awesome! Hope your sims have a fun time there. :D

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