Pyper House Dormitory
Lot Size: 2×3
Price: n/a
Dorms: 6
Custom Content: none


This is the dormitory that was the setting for the story of Elf and Clive. The idea of this dorm is that it was an old mansion that Sim State U has bought up and commissioned for inexpensive student housing. There are 6 dorms here. The lot is a little run down but at least you get free meals and plenty of space for your Sim students.



The dorm comes with a free pizza… which sort of has been sitting there since the last grad party. In fact, the place hasn’t really been looked after in a few months. I hope the new residents don’t mind a little work.

Continue reading for more screenshots and to download.

The lot has been thoroughly playtested. This is one of the first dorms I’ve made upon installing University, so I did add a few elements from later EPs and SPs I’ve gotten since. I’ve also adjusted some of the rooms and tweaked the layouts.

Screens of the interior:


The house layout:


Please feel free to leave any comments or critiques. :)

Download zip [1.8mb]

Terms of Use:  I don’t really care what you do with these lots as long as they aren’t ripped off and uploaded to any other sites without credit to me. This applies to significant screens of this lot as well for poses, stories, whatever.  Just give credit, and i’ll be cool.  And if you (lolgag) make money off of these creations in any way shape or form, I’m gonna want a cut. So just to be on the safe side,  NO PAYSITES. (especially TSR boohiss)


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