Waterside Condominiums
zone type: apartment
size: 3×5
rent: §1883 to §5488
apartments: 7
amenities: cafe, art gallery, playground
custom content: windows by Tiggy027, windows by tbudgett


I was playing around with the game on my laptop one weekend and figured I’d start a project.  I wanted to try my hand at creating a modern townhouse/condominium community. The promenade and entrances are perpendicular to the main road (mostly so the apartments have a view of the water in my neighbourhood). There is a fake bakery/cafe with a stereo, bookcases and chess table and an art gallery on the promenade where your sophisticated Sims can socialize.



There are two buildings with 7 apartments. Some units are multi-level. Some are small 1 bedroom or studio units.  Each unit have their own private outdoor space, whether it’s a balconey or a backyard or both.  All rooms are fully furnished and decorated with Maxis objects. CC in screenshots are not included.  Feel free to decorate to your Sims style and taste. :)


More screenshots, info and download link below…

These apartments have been playtested. In my game, this is practically a retirement home. I only have elder townies move in.

Unit 2
A spaceous 2 level loft style with an extra room that can be used as an office or bedroom


Unit 3
3 level unit,  3 bedrooms, 2 baths,  private back yard, 2 bathrooms


Unit 5
2 level apartment, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths
CC credits: holy simoly, sims 2 play


Unit 6
2 levels, 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms


Unit 7
studio apartment, 1 bathroom

Units 1 and 4 aren’t pictured, because I’m lazy. They’re both 1 bedroom units with private backyards and they’re very lovely.

Floor Plans

Building #1


Building #2


Download @ mediafire

* When I create apartments I try as much as possible to design it in such a way that there is sufficient sound proofing between each rooms. Just because of the nature of some of these spaces, I wasn’t able to do that without compromising the space some of these apartments have. To “sound proof” a room, all you need to do place objects along the shared wall such as paintings, or bookshelves. I’ve tried to furnish with this in mind (if you rent furnished). Apologies in advance if your neighbours are unruly at 4 in the morning, waking up your Sims. :(

* Everything you need for the Metro Window set should be included in the package file. If the windows or textures do not show up in your game, download them from here.

»Built with the following EPs/SPs*:  Nightlife, Open For Business, University, Seasons, Freetime, Pets,  Apartment Life, Mansions and Gardens, Family Fun, Kitchens and Baths,  Celebration, Holiday Stuff, IKEA, H&M, Glamour Life.
* I recommend having all these installed in your game, otherwise I can’t guarantee that it will install properly.

To add this lot to your game, download and unzip the package file to a download folder or your desktop. Double click on the package file and the installer will add the lot to your bin.

To rent apartments completely furnished, move your Sims in to the lot,  open the cheat window (ctrl+shift+c) and type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true. Shift+click on the door of the apartment you want your Sims to rent and select “rent furnished”. The furniture and decor should now appear.  Close the cheat by typing boolProp testingCheatsEnabled false


  1. Extraordinary! I am looking forward to seeing this beautiful lot in my game… Tonight!

    Thank you!

  2. Hello, your builds are amazing! I love apartment buildings very much! One question though, where can I download this lovely creation of yours? -I can’t seem to find the link or download button :(

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