The City of Auberon has now been updated for Generations.

If you would like the previous version of Auberon that will work with just World Adventures, Late Night and Ambitions, please visit this post.

Read the notes below before you download. Download files are at the end of the post!

World Map: 2048×2048 (large)
World Type: Late Night City
Population: 46 playable sims, 18 households
Patch level:  1.57
EPs: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night,  Generations
Store content:  Riverview  (world)
Custom content:  none

Previous version: Auberon v1

Several community lots have been altered to include objects from Generations. These lots include:

  •  Fallingbrook Park ( several lot fixes as well)
  •  Tom’s Laundry
  •  Holly Park
  •  The Ashford Historical Society
  •  the Trinity Valley Academy

New lot: The Lady of Linguini Ministry




The updates are not major, I’m almost certain that you can get by without them.  If you like, you can update your current sims game.

  • Save your “Saves” folder
  • Delete your “world cache”
  • Uninstall “Auberon” using the Sims 3 Launcher. It will warn you that your saved games will be removed
  • Reinstall the updated Auberon file with the Sims 3 Launcher
  • Copy your “Saves” folder back to your Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/folders
  • Start the game.

Big Note:

If you copy back your “Saves” folder and run the City, you may notice that the new chapel (The Lady of Linguini) in Eastwich Village is literally just a big hole.  Sorry about that. :(


TS3W 2014-05-19 14-37-36-91

You will need to go into Edit Town and use the “World Editor” to flatten and place the Lot.  I’ve created a nifty presentation to show you how to fix this should this happen to your game.

I really apologize for this, but I’m not sure how else to return your Saved games to the updated Auberon.

Anyway, here’s the Slideshare.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.



Auberon (Generations Update) 

82.50mb RAR file
Mediafire | Box


The Lady of Linguini Ministry (.package and sims3package in RAR)

6mb RAR file
| Box
*please note, this lot is ONLY for use in the Auberon V2 fix.
Terms of Use:

Please enjoy this world as you will. I encourage you to play and customize to your heart’s content.

Do not alter and claim as your own. Do not redistribute this file to any other website without my permission (link back to this page instead).

Credit and/or tagged posts are always welcome so I can track what you’re doing with this world. Thank you!

Note:  Create-A-World files can be available upon request.  Contact me!

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